Vidyalakshmi Venkataraman

Music Workshops (2013)

Appreciating Karnatic Music – Dr. Radha Bhaskar

The energy with which Dr. Radha Bhaskar explained every factor leading to one appreciate Karnatic music was very contagious. Not excluding any one point, she covered every fact that governs our understanding of traditional music. She went into the aspects of Manodharma Sangeetha and Kalpitha Sangeetha in detail. She differentiated the approaches of the two styles of Indian Classical Music Karnatic and Hindusthani effectively.

Unravelling Thamizh music – Dr.Vanathy & Dr.Raghuraman

Dr. Raghuraman’s scholarly explanation of how Thamizh music evolved through the ages and how ThamizhIsai is different from IsaiTamizh. Tracing two and a half thousand history of ThamizhIsai he stressed on the contributions of the Nayanmars in the form of Thiruvaasakam and Thevaram. He mentions that Thiruvaasakam preceded the Thevaram. From then his attention moves on the Azhwars and their devotion soaked Paasurams. From there he spoke of contribution of Arunagirinathar in bringing Chanda poetry to the fore and then on to the Tamizh Music Trinity Marimutha Pillai, Aruncaahala Kavi Raayar and Muthuthaandavar’s contribution. HE also touched upon the contributions of AnnamalaiReddiars and SubramanyaBharathi in developing ‘Chindu’ format of compositions pouplar among the masses for their simplicity.

The compositions were beautifully demonstrated by Dr.Vanathy Raghuraman.

Dance Workshops (2013)

Personality development through Dance – Archana Karry

Taking along every student in her very cheerful fashion, Archana Karry effectively portrayed the fact of how one’s personality can be shaped through dance. In illustrative fashion she explained to them the understanding of one’s own basic nature and how in any situation we can learn to overcome the negative in us. Balloons, papers etc were used as props to provide a clear understanding to the enthusiastic participants as to how our reactions are governed by many factors. Vaanmadhi Jagan ensured that the information was understood by all by aptly translating the contents into Thamizh. In the workshops in two consecutive days, Archana kept every participant engaged proactively to build their confidence through dance movements.

The highlight of the morning workshops was the presence of children from schools from around Chennai.

Wellness Workshops (2013)

Meditation - Dr. Shilpa Pandit

Guiding the early morning enthusiasts at 6.00 AM on Saturday in her refreshing meditation session, Dr. Shilpa Pandit made every one focus on their selves by concentrating on their body parts to begin with and then moving on to the mind. Dr.Shilpa took the Aakaasha element for meditation from the five elements and explored the aspect of “Chidhaakaasha” or the inner conscience and how it is as expansive as space.

As the guided meditation session progressed it was evident that the participants were taking in the concepts shared by the very experienced resource person and understanding the nuances of the meditative techniques.

Yoga Vijnana–Vinay

Vinay in his informative session on the science of Yoga kept everyone engrossed in the process with scientific facts on the effect of wrong posture on the body in a long term perpective and how the body actually works.

Spelling simple remedies and approaches prescribed by Yoga (like a right standing posture) Vinay was able to actively engage the good number of students who had turned out on a early Sunday morning.