Excellent - Geetha

It was very good and relaxing - Sathish Kumar

It was very useful. - Priya Sathish

Excellent! - Anahitha Bharath & Aparna Bharath

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event, the session was very rejuvenating. - Kanchana Mala.M.H


Excellent! I enjoyed the sessions on both the days - Kalyani

Gained good information on meditation. Please organise such programs often. -K.Manivannan

It was wonderful, out of the world experience. I am sure that it would help the youth today.-Indira Barot

Very good initiative, need monthly workshops like these. - N.Madan Chander


 Very good effort, this initiative should spread in north Madras as well.- M.Esakkiyappan

It was a great experience-Narendar Srinivasan

Very good and interesting, would like to join classes-M.Goutham

A very informative and an interesting session on Kalari.- Rajkumar Vijayaraman

Pretty good information, with well learned and trained person in Kalari.I thoroughly enjoyed it. - Dr.Parameswaran

Great performance by Vasanth, would like to learn the art form. - Aravamudhan.M.O


 As a viewer this dance form was very graceful, not many are aware of this. It was too good -Karthik.V.R

It was very graceful and elegant- Sumitha


I really thank the audience from the depth of my heart. I love this ambience, you can also do this with painting, poetry and so on. - M.Esakkiyappan

Wonderful and inspiring -Renjith Babu

Thank you so much for the eye opening session -Usha


It was so much fun and a great experience. -Savitha Ganesh

It was awesome, cool and super fun - Shruthi

It was a great session - R.Akash

Very interesting - Adithyanth

A very interesting session, if the sessions are organised during christmas holidays, it would be great. - Brindha.B

It was the best workshop of all, very interesting.- V.Savithri

It was awesome.- V.Revathy

The way they taught was excellent - Saravanan

Very interesting and useful for children - S.Arun

It was enjoyable - Saran.S

Very interesting and enjoyable- Thejaswini

Good and very creative - Siva

Very interesting and excellent- Vaishnavi

It was very informative and interesting. Thanks to Ambalam- Meera Jagadeesh

Great activity for children- Prasanna Venkatesh

It was great- Prathyodhaka

Excellent- S.P.Ramesh Kumar

 I loved it, it was excellent- Priyanka


It was a wonderful experience, there could not be a better way to organize this workshop.- Ramya Vijayaraghavan

Great experience, it was indeed very relaxing.- Meenakshi

Very innovative programme, wonderfully delivered.- Rajagopalan Murari

Great experience, very soothing and nice.- J.Bharadwaj

It was an enchanting experience.- Jyothsna


Thank you for a wonderful experience - Dr.Harini

Good - V.Shruthika

It was a dream to listen to such fine music- S.L.Siva kumar

Excellent performance - R.Bhaskaran

Great listening to divine music. - Surya Narayanan.S

An admirable effort of Ambalam - Preethi mohan

Mind stirring - Sukanya Krishnamurthy

Wonderful performance - Vijay Natesan


Excellent- R.Viswanathan

A great venture, congrats to the organizers. - Loic Dequidt


Entertaining, informative, absorbing. Sriram Parasuram is full of energy, enthusiasm and very knowledgeable. I'm grateful to Ambalam for this one - S M Sendhil

Fantastic and marvellous. I don't know about Music but I love it! - C. Ponnuchamy

Excellent workshop. Thouroughly enjoyed! - M S Mahadevan

Wonderful rendering of all ragas. Explanation of raagas was beautiful and distinct. Really nice to attend such programmes in such natural ambience. - Jayashri Santhanam

Very very useful programme for musically inclined people. Thanks! - A. Lalitha Mani

Informative and interesting - M.M Monissha

Excellent! Wonderful experience! If the sun is intense, we'd require a shamiana.- Manasi Prasad

There are no words to express my gratitude for this great lec-dem - Meenaksi Shivakumar

Awesome session. Request for more such sessions in furture. - Priyadarshini Arun

An eye-opening and thoroughly informative session. Looking forward to more in future! - Deepika Rajaram

Totally in love with this session and the knowledge gained is immense.- Subash

No words to express my awe and admiration for the Vidwat and lecturing ability of Dr Sriram. I would like to hear this more often. By the way, I'm an 81 year old who has learnt upto first Varnam in 1942 :) - R Krishnamoorthy

Very nice - M. Rahunandan

Very nice - K Krishnamurthy


 Very ably explained in a lucid manner.- R. Natrajan

Sincere thanks to Ambalam. Amazing ambiance. Explainde well in detail. -K Krishnamurthy

Very useful to students and young artists. - A G Krishnan

Hope to see such programmes more frequently.- Meenakshi

Fantastic expostion by Dr Jayalakshmi. Clarified a lot of my doubts on hearing her.- R Krishnamoorthy

Good. Particpants must be given a chance to participate.- N . Madhan

Useful for my academic study. Made me understand the greatness of gamakkas. Made me gain an in-depth understanding. Thank you Ambalam. - P. Thulasimani

Very useful for music students. Could have allocated more time.- Indu

Valuable inputs were given by Dr Jayalakshmi. Music was excellent.- S.K. Radhakrishnan


Awesome! Keep up the great work! Look forward to Samaagama 2013! - Ram Srinivasan

Very informative- S R S Sarma

Very informative, useful- Indu

It was interesting and informative. He was explaining patiently to all questions raised by the audience. - Jayashri Santhanam

Excellent. It was too good and informative.- Revathi Krishna

Very good session. Arrange a quiz programme next year!- Prof M.S.Ayar


Excellent! -Artyukh Malyua

Very Good - Kiruthika Devi

 Awesome dancer and even students. Pleasure to watch. Wonderful concept, loved it.- A.Rahamathnisha

Very nice and enjoyable- Rukmani Rao

Very interactive and enjoyable- Bala

Excellent. Well organized. Thanks to all artists.- K. Murugesh

A very good experience for me and my friends. Attending a classical dance programme is a first for me.- R. Nandini

The presentation was understandable and simple. It can reach more people if it's given due publicity. It was interactive. More youngstrs should be invited. Keep up the great work! - R Ganesh

It was very good. I enjoyed it. He's a nice person and that reflects in his work.- Sujata Mahopatra

Fantastic workshop! Especiall for novices in dance, like myself, this really helped understand the Art and created interest. Kudos to the team! - Damo Vasu


Awesome experience - both mind and body; Subash

Workshop was good. But there should have been a recap of all techniques - Preetham

It was a good experience. Never knew it could be so effective. Will practise.- Kartik V.R

First session, very interesting and informative. Helped me relax and was refreshing. - Jerlime Murari

Very good programme. Benefits were elucidated well. Excellent teaching.- S. Sujatha

Very good - K. R Chaudri

Movement was graceful and was nice to watch. Easy to follow. - Kalyani

Very good. Hope to participate next year too! - Geeno Matthews

You can do wonders if you practise Tai-Chi K. Murali

Wonderful experience to learn and practise Tai Chi with Mr Ranga Rao. Looking forward to more such workshops.- Prem Krishna

Good introduction. Have always been curious about it. Well organized too.- Supraja Srinivasan

Very useful-T. R Natrajan

Excellent! Very useful - S. Saran

Happy that I attended. Very yseful. Thank God! Thank the Tai Chi Guru! Very good programme indeed!- Usha Rani Ganesh

Very useful and informative. I would like to do it in my regular routine. Thanks! - M. Lakshmi Priya

Suggested exercises were simple and easy to follow. However as they were introduced at a strecth, it is difficult to remember to practice at home- M.M.Ashraff

Enjoyed it. Hopefully will continue - Ramesh Ahuja

Best possible way to eradicate problems. A fine programme.- R. Kalyanaraman


A humble request to conduct sessions in Tamil so that it would reach out to the masses.- C Asaithambi

Enjoyed the session. Meditation was not very successful- Kalyani

Wish it were in local language- V. Premnath

It's a pleasure to attend such self awareness programmes - S. Palaniappan


It was great! - Anuradha Samrat

Enjoyable. Very good. - Suresh S.N.

Splendid and attractive - V. Nirmala

Beautiful expressions - Gangadharan

Very nice! - Sheldon Stone

Wonderful group of creative artistes. Look forward to more of this.- K.R. Ananth

Very entertaining - Anitha S

Great. Wish I could understand the story.- Mazina Artuso

Excellent- A. Bhavani

Gorgeous! - Kirthika Ranjeet

Lovely performance and workshop - Rajeswari

Excellent cultural fiesta! - Rajeev V Purushottam

Enchanting! Amazing dancer and teacher. It was very touching.- Sara Lili

Having learnt the dance form, I wanted to explore it more. Thanks for the opportunity! - Aryamba Sriram


Very useful. Very enriching.- S. Arun Kumar

It's my second workshop with Lucrezia. Enjoyed and had fun. Congratulate Ambalam for giving us the opportunity. -Madhumati

Good - Krishnaveni

Had fun - Jagan P

Very good. Made even the first timers feel at ease. Enjoyed it! - Kavitha P

Very interesting. I began to overcome my stage fear. - Anitha S

Fun filled workshop. Lucrezia is a good teacher. - Preetham

Amazing! It brings out the theatrical spirit inside a person! Definitely an eye opener! - Chirag V

Simply awesome! Lucrezia was amazing, her way of teaching, openness, and her encouragement was too good. She made everyone feel at ease. Very interesting workshop!- - Raagini

Thanks for the opportunity!- Aryamba Sriram

Having attended many workshops as a theatre artist, I felt this one stood out. I've learnt something new. Thanks! - Yokendran Kamaraj

Very inspiring and interesting workshop. Would like to see more of this. - K R Ananth