Testimonials (2011)

“Wonderful idea to conduct in open space. Excellent teaching & Demo by the teacher. Streaming quality was very good. Looking forward to Dec 2012 workshops”
- Sunitha Raghavan, Chennai.

“It was very nice.”
- Sridevi Aravindan, Chennai.

“Awesome experience. Being a classical dancer got something new.”
- Shishira Shastry, Bangalore.

“Excellent, gained a lot”
- S V Varsha, Chennai.

“Was really informative, Easwaran Sir at his best, will look forward to more such things.”
- Sai Shankar, Chennai.

“Very valuable. More granular, more focused sessions are welcome.”
- Soumya N

“Very interesting and useful.”
- Sruthi Ranganathan, Chennai

“Really informative and interesting.”
- Sapna Ganesh Prasad

“I would be most obliged if more workshops are conducted. This was very informative.”
- K Bhairavi Prasad, Chennai

“We would like: Off season workshops on Sat & Sun (whole day) discussing just one Raaga.PSN & Ramanujacharyulu were just so awesome.”
- Vaishnavi

“It was very good. Like he said we could have the workshop for 3-4 days continuously so that we can get a better idea on how to build.”
– Supraja

“This workshop is very helpful. Be even more helpful if more workshops are conducted.”
- Akshaya Narayanan

“I enjoyed this workshop, By this I came to know many information by this workshop, really loved it.”
- K Aparna

“Gained a lot from various scholars in various fields. Very beneficial.”
- P Sreevidya, Chennai.

“Very well organized. Useful for beginners who urge to perform.”
- Padmapriya, Chennai

“The Manodharma session was very informative & it gives student confidence in singing and improvising the raga. Thank you for organizing such session.”
- R Abhishek

“I would greatly like it if the workshops are conducted next year too. It is a great way for musicians to know about music”
- P S Nandini, Chennai

“It was fantastic, very useful to all, Hope there are more of them.”
- Shruthi K, Chennai.

“Very, very useful, interactive, learnt a lot.”
- Shruthi Kumar, Chennai.