Shilpa Ashok Pandit

Shilpa is a trained social scientist with deep training in research on psychology of emotions. She has rich experience in several aspects of health and well-being both in terms of sociology understanding and psychological practice. This is linked to the study of emotions as such and cultures and contexts where raw emotions are transformed into emotional well-being.

Her interest in Arts and spirituality, started about 10 years back, when she wanted to find a meaning about the emotional turbulence, she was going through in her personal life. In her personal experience, many times, she found that, the performances on the stage seemed to mirror her personal life-worlds; many other times, the emotion performed on stage was completely dissonant with her present experience, yet something she had wanted to be or feel. These observations started a process of research over the years, where she has been able to read texts on Rasa, meet great art teachers and aspiring students. She has published a few papers in academic journals, but more importantly, she has always checked and cross validated at every step, whether the texts and the views of the performers resonate with the churning that people experience as they encounter life.

The intention of art was to engage with the people and convey the essential and eternal messages of living a life of well-being- so says the Sage Bharat. If life has to find an enhanced relevance, then, it must its recharge through art: If arts are to remain relevant, then they must reflect the essential concerns, the unspoken yearning of living a good life.